Yesterday it Rained Pigs and Llamas

Yesterday it rained pigs and llamas
…today the sun warmed my nose

Yesterday I left work with a Post-it stuck to my rear
…today I didn’t

Yesterday I forgot to pray and cursed at the woman who cut me off
…today I controlled the urge to honk. Twice

Yesterday I burnt macaroni and cheese (how is that even possible?)
…today I cooked perfect (frozen) meatballs

Yesterday I pulled hair out with writer’s block
…today I wrote a novel (okay, one chapter three pages long) and wore a hat

Yesterday I had to be alone and sulk for no good reason
…today I shared coffee with a friend and laughed

Yesterday I split my pants in public and refused to leave the house ever again
…today I am prepared with needle and thread

Yesterday I stubbed my pinky toe
…today I jammed my finger, so the toe felt better

Yesterday I read the fruits of the spirit and realized I was fruitless
…today I read that God’s love never fades; he loves me anyway


You get the idea: Yesterday has passed, so don’t wallow in pig slop;
There’ll always be a Yesterday we want to forget…

Today is a new morning!



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