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Book release: Randi's Steps

  Here it is! I received the first copy of my book Randi’s Steps. After eight years of editing off and on, it’s published and for sale on Amazon. What a great feeling! To hold the book in my hands and see the words I’ve struggled with dancing on bound pages—it’s motivation to finish my second book.   Randi's Steps (Amazon books)   PLANTING MY FEET IN THE SHADOWS (a poem after the novel)     At nine years old I was either a dreamer Or superstitious, Or odd;   Following Randi’s steps, I planted my feet In my friend’s invisible footprints; The shadow of her being. Could I transport into her world? Her golden tendrils become mine? Her dimpled smile, mine? Her perfect home, mine?   Minor misstep-- It couldn’t happen, but Dreaming could. As I climbed her steps My hand grasped the iron railing Where her fingers touched Marching behind, Synchronized. Up to her pink room Dappled with dancing daisies and rose ribbons,

Better Than Before

Long Beach Boardwalk, (rebuilt after Superstorm Sandy destruction)  What happens when a home is built on a narrow strip of land between the ocean and the bay? Nothing…until the Day.   The Day of the perfect storm When wind, high tide and full moon collide The ocean greets the bay The narrow strip of land                  Submerged.                                                  The Day divided time,                                       Naming it--  Before the Storm And After the Storm.   Before the Storm …   I had a husband, five healthy kids,       a dog who barks too much; Though we lived in an old house Burdened with needed repair, We could relax on the beach, Watch the sun set from the boardwalk Ride bikes by the bay. I was thankful for my few possessions, But holding them As if I could In my own strength. After the Storm …   My husband, five healthy kids, The dog who barks too much