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Children's Book Illustrator's Showcase

  Doodle Stories & Oodles of Art ( As a graduate of FIT for Illustration, I know how much illustrators need to show off their work to get work. I want to give children's book illustrators another place where they can display their artwork and have it shared.  * On my children's book blog "Doodle Stories & Oodles of Art" illustrators can submit two example of their work for free.  * From the gallery, I will share a different illustration on social media each day. * It's easy. Subscribe for free exposure and you will also receive a monthly newsletter, sharing favorites, upcoming contests, and relevant links to encourage children's book authors and illustrators. 

Book Review: Taste Your Words

Taste Your Words Written by Bonnie Clark A Delightful and Delicious Story Taste Your Words is a delightful story with hilarious illustrations. After Amera and her friend argue and share some mean words, Amera’s mom suggests she tastes her words before letting them out of her mouth. From that moment, Amera tastes everything she says. Her mean words fill her mouth with yucky flavors like pickle juice and rotten eggs. But when she realizes nice words taste yummy like chocolate or sweet oranges, she is encouraged to be kinder and think before she speaks.  What kid wouldn’t want to imagine words tasting like their favorite foods? This book delivers the perfect combination of a wonderful message shared with humor and imagery kids will remember. Everybody should read this! Amazon / Taste Your Words For more reviews, visit my children's book blog:  Doodle Stories & Oodles of Art