The Gleaner wore Chiffon

(written for weekly challenge)

He parts two rows of blinds,
Bent from overuse, and leans in to look,
Presses his forehead to the cold metal
…As she rattles down the street.

He wonders if she sees him
Watching, so he steps back a bit;
She might think him
A creepy old man,
But he’s not that old
And not that creepy
Just curious.

She passes by every day at this time,
As the sun crawls across his roof
And warms his den from where
He peers.
The neighborhood dogs know her;
They shout barks in turn
…As she rattles down the street

Tossing bottles, remnants of wine,
Emptied good times
For quarters.

The wheels of her cart screech over cement;
Sharp, angular notes slice the air, like raining glass,
…As she rattles down the street
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