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At the End of the Day

My favorite time of day is when everything stops—when lights are dimmed, outdoor sounds diminish, the bouncing, crashing, bell ringing tunes of Mario Party and other video games end and I can hear myself breathe once more. The best part of this time is reading with my eleven-year-old daughter, Jordan. She has her own quiet time to read a book, but this is our time to read together. I spent many hours reading books aloud when I homeschooled her and her brothers, and miss that the most…so I want to hold onto our evening routine as long as possible, before hanging out with friends becomes the preferred alternative, or she realizes she’s too old for reading with Mom .   I confess I must drink coffee while she reads to me—her soft voice has often lulled me to sleep. If I don’t, I wake, confused and disappointed at missing a whole chapter. Sometimes no amount of caffeine is strong enough, so I stand up and do leg lifts or squats to keep me awake. It’s not just the story