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Christmas 2019

BORN TO US by Frances Judge So simple to love The swaddled infant in my arms with his baby breath, a whisper of wind, warming my skin; the echo of angels’ praise Beating my heart in the stillness of the night. So simple to love The toddler teetering on wobbly toes, falling into my embrace, I could hold forever. A divine gift, the joy of my soul, to be shared. Golden leaves release their grip; a determined breeze lays the pile on prickly grass at His feet, prepared for sacrificial love. So simple to love the one we named Jesus. I try to shield my young son from the rain but cannot. It is persistent, planned. And he grows; Angels breathed the Father’s blessing long ago; Hidden behind hazel eyes, my son’s mind holds the universe; in time to be revealed, a promise from the first birth, my womb was blessed to carry. So simple to love the one who is love Bare branches point bony fingers, catching snowflakes,  the branc