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The Water Trance

    Robins splash in a birdbath…without a care in the world. A breeze draws the earthy scent into the classroom, inviting me to leap into summer. Mr. Thomas points to the SMART Board and directs our eyes across a diagram of water dissolving rock as he drones on… “Rain mixes with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as it travels. This forms an acidic solution that dissolves calcite, the main mineral of karst rocks, where most caves form…” I wish I was climbing out of my cave, not just hearing about one. “This acidic water drips through cracks and fractures and creates tunnels and passageways like an underground plumbing system.”   My own life has enough cracks and fractures to crumble into dust if I let it. What if I followed the tunnel that led to my dream instead? I’d be in New York City, designing graphic arts. “Ally, are you with us?” I nod. “Then please tell us how stalactites are formed.”   “By a drip,” I answer, wishing I did

The Best Loss of the Season

    Aaron and the birds at a soccer game Aaron's soccer team   My son’s high school soccer team set records this season—for the worst losses in their school’s history. They clinched the title at the head-shaking game when they lost eleven to one. I admit my husband and I were glad to miss that game…but because we only went to the home games, we missed the one goal our son scored at another field and the last and best losing game of the season.   When Aaron came home after the final game and kicked off his cleats, I asked him the usual question, “So how was your game?”   And got the usual answer, “Good. We lost.”   I think he enjoyed getting our hopes up saying good first and pausing before the word lost. At least his easy-going attitude kept him from caring about losing.   “So what was the score?”   “Three to one.”   “That’s not too bad. Who scored?” I asked, hoping he did.   “A kid with special needs.”   My heart melted.   The boy was t