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Country Blessings

Last weekend was all about slowing down in the country, relaxing with family, and saying thank you. I don’t often go upstate to see my sister, brother-in-law and nephew, so I savor these special moments. When I stepped out their door, all I saw was farmland and rolling hills. Nothing seemed to move in Lansing, NY. Peace and quiet. Rays of sunlight cast over God’s creation. The world relaxed. But I did have one plan. I had the address of the church that a group of Samaritan’s Purse volunteers attend—the next town over from Lansing. Wouldn’t it be great to visit their church? They came all the way to our house to help rebuild a few months ago. I wouldn’t get this opportunity again for a long time. Of course Saturday night I had the worst stomach pains I can remember, couldn’t sleep, and woke up late on Sunday. My plan seemed hopeless. I didn’t even consider going, thinking I might throw up, but Dad said, “Why don’t we go to that church…even if we’re late you can tha

Happy Anniversary

Usually I think of couples having a second honeymoon to celebrate a milestone like ten, twenty, or fifty years, not one. But my husband’s idea was romantic—to celebrate our first anniversary at the same country inn that we went to for our honeymoon. It was a nice idea, but the reality… We were a young couple in our early twenties—pre-kids/cellphone days. Working as live-in house managers for a group home, our only expenses were food and car insurance. Spontaneous spending was fun back then…like the shiny new acoustic guitar Gene had to buy on our trip that hogged the back seat. He didn’t know how to play the guitar and still doesn’t. So though it was a hot day in July, Gene decided he needed Timberland winter boots. I tried not to roll my eyes or point out the obvious—I mean, this was supposed to be romantic—but may have let a tiny grunt of disapproval squeak through my teeth. I forget the order now…did he buy the boots, then realize he locked his keys

Surprising Jordan

                                                                                 Surprise!       Jordan’s room before (after gutting from Hurricane Sandy damage) Today was not just a good day—it was a day to feel blessed, thankful and loved, a day for tears of joy. The Samaritan’s Purse volunteers wanted to surprise our daughter, Jordan, with her finished bedroom today before they drove back to their homes in other states as far as Michigan. I took her out of school early while they waited in her room with cameras ready to capture her surprised smile. Among other projects this week, these wonderful volunteers painted her room the cheerful green she picked out and finished the floors, closet, door and ceiling fan. To celebrate, they set pink and white helium balloons to hang under the ceiling. They also placed a colorful bouquet of gerbera daisies in a ceramic ice cream cone vase on her desk next to a plate of pink and chocolate frosted donuts