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Passing Through the Waters

Someone says: It’s beginning to drizzle. Is drizzle past the point of beginning after one minute or five? After how many raindrops is rain past the point of beginning? Pearls of water trickle down a window; It’s raining.                        Like everyone, we blinked, and our plans were changed. We went from telling our son he could take the train home for spring break to texting him we were on our way to pick him up. New York colleges had closed for the rest of the semester.   When Gene and I drove upstate to New Paltz University, we had no idea Elijah was sick until we called him to tell him we were there.   “He-ll-o.” Elijah’s voice sounded stuffy and sleepy as if he just woke up.   “Are you sick? You sound sick.” We expected him to say no, he just fell asleep for a while. Blame it on dorm life.    His answer couldn’t have been worse. “Nah, just a little achy. All my suite mates have the same thing.”   I looke