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Is He the One?

 Married July 7, 1990 outdoors at Smithtown Landing Country Club Is he the one for me, Lord? The question stirred at night; I knew He had the answer, Even birds find Mr. Right, As they flap their finest feathers And fly off in one accord. We met today or you could say We smiled and said hello, But his smile said a thousand words As cardinals kiss the snow And dart through flakes with perfect grace Like a winter white ballet. Are you sure that he’s the one for me? I’ve seen his other side, And much to my dismay, he’s seen Me morph to Mrs. Hyde. Perhaps the seagulls battle clouds To reach the swirling sea. I’m practically nocturnal, While he’s a morning hen, Enjoys a languid sunrise stroll And baseball’s on again. By noon I’m zooming on my bike, Then writing in my journal. I’m sure that he’s the one to stay; I felt so with his touch . . . Hand in hand as starlight glowed . . . Do robins know this much? Their