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Beneath the Star

            BENEATH THE STAR By Frances Judge   I wasn’t there beneath the star to see Messiah’s birth, And hear the hallelujahs angels sang above the earth.   I didn’t walk the dusty roads and see the lepers healed, Or hear God’s voice from heaven as His love was now revealed.   I never watched Him love the world that pierced His outstretched hands, Creator of the universe, the Son who understands.   But I have seen the Son of God each hour of every day As seeds of sprinkled kindness bloom in fields so far away.   He stirs the minds and willing hearts—His feet still walk this world To help the hopeless, sick and frail; salvation’s plan unfurled.   A man who shares a home cooked meal to bless the weak and poor, And tells them they are not alone; Christ opened Heaven’s door. Sons and daughters hear the calling to leave their comfort zone And travel where they’re needed most to rebuild damaged homes.   A family w

A JOURNAL OF STORIES AND PICTURES (The year Samaritan's Purse rebuilt our home)

 A JOURNAL OF STORIES AFTER THE STORM   One Time Five Kids and a Flood Good Morning; It's a New Year   A New Kitchen After Hurricane Sandy A Bathroom for Valentine's Day Remembering Before A Change of Plans Times Five Added Treasure Surprising Jordan Country Blessings Almost There--A House Update Final Touches...Latest House Update Celebration Time A JOURNAL IN PICTURES (some of the over-hundred volunteers who helped)