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Too Much Tomorrow

  This Father’s Day started out relaxed…went to church, had lunch, ran with the dog, let husband nap in peace. A day for lounging with nothing to do, no stress. We ordered Chinese food for dinner and sat down with the kids to watch a movie—Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.     The Cooper family of six rattled off each one’s schedule for the next day, and all I could think was impossible . How can they do all that they said they have to do? In one day? The father had an interview; the mother had an important meeting that could mean a promotion; the daughter was starring as Peter Pan in her middle school play and wanted her family there on time; the older brother was scheduled to take his road test and hoped to pass to drive his girlfriend to the prom. The younger brother was having his twelfth birthday party—all the same day.   As I contemplated how their family could gather enough energy and hours in the day to do it all, my daug