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Francy's Favorite Picture Books

                That Pesky Dragon is another favorite, worth fighting little tykes for at the library. Kidding, of course; as a grown adult you can grab it faster than a child and won’t have to fight. But be sure to have your child pretend he/she found it.     “Izzy’s dad had a farm. And on that farm there was a herd of cows…a flock of sheep…some chickens…two dogs…three cats…and a dragon.” The fire-breathing dragon causes chaos on the farm; his breath hard-boils eggs and turns their cow’s milk to yogurt. And he won’t go away.   Julie Sykes’s writing is delightful and yummy; like Izzy, I want to meet this dragon that Grandpa calls too dangerous. I want to turn pages. The vibrant color and style of the illustrations is perfect for the story. Melanie Williamson captures the animals with simple shapes and fun details to hunt for, like the cow juggling milk cartons.   Don’t be surprised, if at the end of the story, your child asks for a pet dragon…that pesky

What Do I Know of War?

(In honor of those who served and sacrificed their lives for our freedom) What do I know of war? Battleships babysit the ocean and merge with the horizon, guarding, protecting from bully attacks.   I kneel on sand, not powder soft, but crunchy sometimes, sharp sometimes, exploding with life sometimes, as a sand crab scuttles out of hiding, as a boy digs deep trenches around a sand-dripped fort.   I kneel on sand, and waves charge at me... unsuspecting—I am submerged; cold water numbs my limbs, applies seaweed bandages. The undercurrent tugs at my ankles like a child at her mother’s side, demanding attention. Water wants to tow me in, but I’m stronger and win the battle. I kneel on the sand in peace.   What do I know of war? Letters written to lovers, black and white hazy photos, gruesome films, stories told of soldiers fighting with numb hearts from trenches, jungles, caves, deserts, hiding in tanks like turtles crossing at a steady pace

The Gleaner wore Chiffon

(written for weekly challenge) He parts two rows of blinds, Bent from overuse, and leans in to look, Presses his forehead to the cold metal …As she rattles down the street.   He wonders if she sees him Watching, so he steps back a bit; She might think him A creepy old man, But he’s not that old And not that creepy Just curious.   She passes by every day at this time, As the sun crawls across his roof And warms his den from where He peers. The neighborhood dogs know her; They shout barks in turn …As she rattles down the street   Tossing bottles, remnants of wine, Emptied good times For quarters.   The wheels of her cart screech over cement; Sharp, angular notes slice the air, like raining glass, …As she rattles down the street   If you'd like to read the rest click here or see My Stories page

Yesterday it Rained Pigs and Llamas

Yesterday it rained pigs and llamas …today the sun warmed my nose Yesterday I left work with a Post-it stuck to my rear …today I didn’t Yesterday I forgot to pray and cursed at the woman who cut me off …today I controlled the urge to honk. Twice Yesterday I burnt macaroni and cheese (how is that even possible?) …today I cooked perfect (frozen) meatballs Yesterday I pulled hair out with writer’s block …today I wrote a novel (okay, one chapter three pages long) and wore a hat Yesterday I had to be alone and sulk for no good reason …today I shared coffee with a friend and laughed Yesterday I split my pants in public and refused to leave the house ever again …today I am prepared with needle and thread Yesterday I stubbed my pinky toe …today I jammed my finger, so the toe felt better Yesterday I read the fruits of the spirit and realized I was fruitless …today I read that God’s love never fades; he loves me anyway     You get the idea: Ye

Why I Like My Day Job

Of course I miss staying home with my kids; I homeschooled for ten years. But when our money problems increased after Hurricane Sandy flooded our home, I had no choice but to enter the blah world of full time work. My evening receptionist job wasn’t enough…so I looked up Continuing Ed courses in Medical Billing to show some effort and please my husband even though change scares me. I break out in hives and heart palpitations at the thought of going on an interview.   And I prayed…I prayed that somehow, miraculously, when I went to work that evening, the administrator (who only sees my face when he leaves and forgets my name) would offer me more hours. I prayed the impossible. This job was comfortable, working close enough to home that I biked there. I liked having a stress-free job. I worked as a freelance artist before kids happened and hated the pressure, the deadlines, and the sardine packed subway rides.   But God intervened. Thirty minutes after I got to work, the

Francy's Favorites Picture Books

      Every week Jordan, my nine year-old daughter, and I visit the picture book section of the library. Okay, I am an adult, and she reads novels like the Narnia series now, and we tower over the toddlers next to us, but we won’t give up picture books. It’s not just because I went to F.I.T. for illustration and now write the stories; my love for picture books happened when I read them to my kids and shared their joy and smiles. If you don’t have kids, I suggest borrowing a child for a day and share the blessing of a great picture book like this one by Rob Scotton: Russell the Sheep         Rob Scotton’s picture book is delicious. His illustrations are adorable and creative with soft, beautiful colors. The text is simple, yet witty. I must have checked this book out from the library ten times. This is a perfect story for snuggling. A+ from me.

4 Moms Like Me

Welcome to my first blog. Hope to encourage moms, writers, Christians, lovers of words and anyone in between. Some moms seem to do everything right. Some moms, I said. They wake up early, have kids on a good routine, doing chores and homework without being told. They all sing on their way to church and arrive on time. I have a friend who was Miss New York, a model, a nurse, and a leader in the church who held our woman's Bible study for years. She always had a clean house smelling of the blueberry muffins she baked that morning. And  even worse, she was a sweetheart too. Then there's me and those like me who rush around and never catch up. If you've ever seen a dog chase its tail, you know. Very frustrating. So those of us in group B need to be pleased with the baby steps we take. God still loves us, even with our imperfections. That is why He came, isn't it? So, this morning, I am happy to get two of my five kids to church plus hubby. The oldest and youn