Sunday, May 5, 2013

4 Moms Like Me

Welcome to my first blog.
Hope to encourage moms, writers, Christians, lovers of words and anyone in between.

Some moms seem to do everything right. Some moms, I said. They wake up early, have kids on a good routine, doing chores and homework without being told. They all sing on their way to church and arrive on time. I have a friend who was Miss New York, a model, a nurse, and a leader in the church who held our woman's Bible study for years. She always had a clean house smelling of the blueberry muffins she baked that morning. And  even worse, she was a sweetheart too.

Then there's me and those like me who rush around and never catch up. If you've ever seen a dog chase its tail, you know. Very frustrating. So those of us in group B need to be pleased with the baby steps we take. God still loves us, even with our imperfections. That is why He came, isn't it?

So, this morning, I am happy to get two of my five kids to church plus hubby. The oldest and youngest. The middle three teens took too long. I tried leaving them instructions: get homework done; shower; and read the Bible. But when we got home at 1:30, one hadn't showered, one was back in bed on his phone, and one was still asleep. I had to walk the dog to keep my anger from flaring.

This morning, I'm thankful I heard just what I needed to hear at church. We sang a modernized version of this hymn:

Victory in Jesus
My Savior, forever
He sought me and He bought me
with His redeeming blood

Be encouraged today...we can all have the victory in Him, even imperfect moms!

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This is super duper awesome!