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The Invitation... a poem for Christmas 2015

THE INVITATION By Frances Judge Come follow me to the river of life, Where I wash away sorrow and pain. The paths might be winding, the mountains too steep, But I’ll carry you through rough terrain. Child don’t fear the swells of the ocean, Or the trials that burden your soul. My arms are outstretched and willing to save you From winds that you cannot control. Come follow me as shepherds and wise men Who followed without hesitation. They gazed at the star in wonder and awe At the divine invitation. Come as you are to the table of grace                   Where forgiveness and joy are provided.                   Before heaven’s time, the plan was in place To redeem the lost souls and misguided. Come follow me to the whispering sea; Hear my thoughts that outnumber the sand. Believe me, your Savior, the gift of the heart, Delivered by God’s Holy hands. “Today in the town of David a Savior