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A Day in the Life of a Teenage Boy

Something changed the day our son blew out his thirteen candles. He accidentally blew away every ounce of energy he had stored in his growing body.   Come with me and we’ll follow my son throughout his day. I’m sure he’d love to show us one day in the life of a teenage boy.   Knock. Knock. “AJ, are you awake?”    No answer.   Of course, it’s Saturday, pre-baseball season. Therefore, he has no reason to wake before midafternoon. Mornings are often skipped altogether. We’ll have to wait a few hours.   1:00 PM   Knock. Knock. “AJ, are you awake?”   No answer.   “Are you alive?”   “Uhh. Mmmmh.”   Good. That low, rumbling sound means he’s alive and might wake in an hour. We’ll try back at two.   2:00 PM   Knock. Knock.   “AJ, are you awake yet? You missed breakfast, and you’re late for lunch.”   “Yeah. I’m getting up.”   Excuse me while I explain to him about showing us his day.   I shut the do