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1st Place Non-rhyming Poetry Category
"From the Mannequin Factory"

(to be published January 2019 in the 87th Annual Writer's Digest Competition Collection)

  • Classically Inspired / A Mixed Blessings Book 
              Anthology of Faithwriters Editor Choice Winners; 
              Published by Breath of Fresh Air Press / 2015

              What do I Know of War?  a free verse poem
              Vows of Lace and Tie     a free verse poem
              Chasing Butterfly Dreams  a short fiction story
              Forever Talks   a free verse poem 

"The Water Trance"
"The Gift on Charcoal Mountain"
Young Adult Fiction Category
2015 / 2010 Writer's Digest Annual Competition Award Winner
Honorable Mention

A Novel

  • Randi's Steps   self-published coming-of-age novel for 9-12 yr-olds, pub. 5/2015                                                    National Indies Excellence Finalist

               If only her life were a story on paper, she could tear it into a million pieces and start over. Ten-year-old Francie McLean’s life hasn’t been the same since her best friend started battling cancer. Francie wants to be loyal and caring to Randi, but when put to the test, she fails. Will their friendship survive the disease that changes everything?  
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            Barnes and Nobles NOOK Books

  • Clubhouse Jr. Magazine (pub. June 2010)
                 Just Ask the Australian Echidna is a fun poem about a unique animal printed on a two page spread over a beautiful close-up photo.


  • One Touch from the Maker (anthology pub. April 2010; Puckett Browne Publishing)
                The Lure of the Witch is a non-fiction story about Francy becoming a Christian in her college days.  

  •  The LEAH Messenger of NY State (Fall issue 2009; Fall issue 2010)
               Public School Lessons; On Trial Again are two humorous stories about Francy's homeschooling experiences.


  • Writer's Digest Annual Contest / 1st Place / Non-rhyming poetry                                                "From the Mannequin Factory"
  • (weekly challenge contest entries)
             Best of the Best 2nd place winner 2015/2016:
               Who Kissed the Teacup?

             Best of the Best 3rd place winner 2012/2013:
              Where's My Kitchen?

             16 First place winning short story & poem entries:

              I Have a Job
              Where's My Kitchen?
              Goodbye to My Slingback Peep Toe Pump
              The Gleaner Wore Chiffon
              They Call Me Annalee (My Life in a Blog)
              Goofy-footed on the Bunny Slope
              My New Coat
             Perfect Palace
             When Sirens Blare
             The Chicken or the Egg?
             Who Kissed the Teacup?
             Just a Line
             When the Sky Shattered
             Distorted Reflections
            And the Night Goes On
            Out of the Blue

            9 Second place entries:
                Pointing Home
               My Idea
               Harry's Exit
               When Colors Fade
               Sunday Journey to the Far East
               More Than Green
               The Water Trance   
               Vows in Lace and Tie
               Happy Anniversary

            11 Third place entries:

              Let Class Begin
              That's My Dad
              A Tale to Tell After Twenty-five Years
              Grandpa Goes to Venus
              Three Blank Pages
              Just Blink
              Better Than Cookies
             Better Than Before
             Within the Walls
             Tilted hearts
             Out of the Pothole
             Over 35 Editor's Choice top ten winners
             Over 240 stories and poems   
  • Writer's Digest Magazine Annual Contest / 2 Honorable Mention Awards
            The Gift on Charcoal Mountain (short fiction young adult)
            The Water Trance (short fiction young adult)

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