Family Fun in the Poconos

Some of our family’s winter fun…

Every January, my family stays in the Poconos for a long weekend with my parents, sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. We used to look forward to going to Daniels, a family resort, until it closed down two years ago. That place had enough activities to keep everyone busy-an indoor pool, ping pong, a pool table, scheduled competitions, sledding, night entertainment, and karaoke. We have great memories from that place. The last two years, my parents found a house to rent close to the same area, but we had to create our own entertainment.

Last year, the kids played monopoly at night—their version that included dares. They didn’t realize they were going to an indoor water park the next day when they wrote silly phrases in permanent marker all over my son’s back and arms. He got plenty of stares that day. 

This year aside from having fun snowboarding on man made snow, we drove to Hickory State Park to play Disc Golf. I’ve never heard of the game. We each had our own dog Frisbee that we threw toward a numbered basket, similar to miniature golfing. Two young men, the only other people at the park, showed us the proper discs meant for the game that work better than dog Frisbees, but who cares. Each person counted how many throws it took to get it inside. The fewer the better, like golf. It was a cold, fun time…and a Frisbee only got stuck in a tree once.

At night we played Pictionary on a white board and watched movies. The best part was being together with family. Nothing can replace those times together and the memories that last.


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