Celebration Time!



It’s time for celebrating! Our house is done. Two years after Super Storm Sandy flooded and ruined our home, it is done—all because of Samaritan’s Purse Ministries. 

This Tuesday, November 18th, at 3:00 we will welcome the Samaritan’s Purse staff and volunteers, family, friends and everyone else who wants to share this special time with us. They call it a house dedication. After eleven months of Samaritan’s Purse people devoting their time and energy into rebuilding our home, we have this opportunity to thank them and give God the glory for it all. They will pray a blessing over our home as we pray for every person who came. 

After the storm, we felt discouraged, trying to cling to our hope in the Lord. We had faith that God was in control, but still struggled with how we could ever get back to normal. Then Samaritan’s Purse teams arrived.
Every week a different team of volunteers wearing their orange t-shirts pulled up in vans. They came from all over the country: Michigan, Florida, South Carolina, California, Ohio, and upstate NY, even outside the US--Australia, to name some places. Under staff supervision and instruction, they fixed the entire house—new floors, ceramic tiled bathrooms, new cabinets, new oven and ceiling fans. The list goes on, amazing and humbling. 

Over 100 volunteers have worked on our house. I wish every volunteer was able to come to our dedication, so we could thank them again personally. We did nothing to deserve this awesome gift. It is a perfect picture of Christ’s sacrifice for us. Just because of love and grace. 

Each volunteer and staff for Samaritan’s Purse was part of His answer to our prayers. Our home is more than a home now; it’s where we saw Christ’s love in action! We pray that God blesses them as we have been blessed.


Laura said…
Beautiful!! My cousin was one that came from Michigan to help! Congratulations and Praise the LORD for Samaritan's Purse!! May you and your family be blessed through this ministry and may you find ways to serve others!
Francy Judge said…
Thanks Laura! One of the many blessings from this experience was meeting people from all over the country--awesome people who shined with Christ's love. How wonderful that your cousin would come to help us all the way from Michigan!
Sue Arlidge said…
WOW! You give me hope. We also lost our place in the southern Alberta floods, and sometimes it seems bleak. But you're so right - the phenomenal love and support from strangers who came from all over the place is the most amazing gift ever. 16 months later and we're still in temporary housing, but someday I'll be as tickled as you! All the best to you and your beautiful family.
Francy Judge said…
Sue--I am so sorry to hear you are still displaced from the flooding. I pray you can get the help needed to get back into your home soon. No matter how optimistic and hopeful you are, it is a trial. I don't know if you read my earlier post "Five Kids and a Flood," but it describes more of what we went through. I'm glad you found some hope in my article. God can take any hopeless situation and turn it around into blessings. I will be praying for you.

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