Family Fun Day

Gene's birthday at Eisenhower Park

Could every day be today?


A day at the park

with husband and kids,

swinging a wiffle ball bat at wind swept pitches

until we tire of the outfield heat.


We switch to soccer under the cool shade of the oak trees

and kick the ball to win;

shins collide,

elbows meet ribs,

accidents, of course.

We remind the young—

this is not the playoffs.


Eventually one side wins,

And we collapse on the crunchy grass.

A strong gust tosses leaves across the field

And our faces.

Foreshadows of fall.


Sweat soaks our shirts,

drips down bare backs,

and calls for ice cream sundaes

with extra toppings.


This day with our family

Is another memory to remind me

Of God’s blessings.




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