About Francy



Who was I?
Quirky, introverted, and a bit obsessive,
A quiet child
who loved to dance
and camp with her family;
who made up games like roller-tennis
and held skateboard shows on her driveway.  

Who am I?
A wife to Eugene who makes me laugh,
A mother to four boys and a girl
who keep me running,
A child of God,
Who gives me hope.
I am blessed.

What am I?
Depends on the time of day:
5:00 AM…
a sleepy writer trying to write
6:30 AM…
an alarm clock trying to get kids to catch the bus
(a harder task than writing)
9:00 AM…
a medical records clerk earning money for kids
who have a habit of eating
5:00 PM…
a sports fan, biking to my kids’ baseball or soccer games
against the wind
7:00 PM…
a family chef, who hates to cook
a busy mom.

Where am I?
Long Beach, New York,
a town slammed by Hurricane Sandy, October 2012,
in a home that was wrecked
but is being rebuilt by generous volunteers,
a gift from God
who gives what we don’t deserve
just because He loves us.

Our home is a place to appreciate…
a bed, a bathroom,
hot water, and hugs.
God provides
And we’re thankful for that.

What next?
I don’t know, but Jesus does.

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