Book Review / Ruby Moon by Jenny Knipfer

I knew I would like Ruby Moon from the first page. The poetic prose and introduction to Jenay’s vulnerable side hooked my attention. Author Jenny Knipfer begins her novel in the present, revealing Jenay’s guilt for some horrific accident she caused. I was intrigued, wanting to know more, and not disappointed as the story slowly unfurled.

This historical novel takes place in the 1890’s in Ontario, Canada. Through Jenay’s relationships with her aunts, Jenny weaves her character’s interesting heritage, a mix of French and Ojibwe decent, into the story. Even though the story has a complicated timeline, going into past and present, the dates are marked, making it easier to follow. The flashbacks add suspense and mystery as they give clues to what happened to Jenay. At the same time, we follow Jenay as she matures and experiences loss and love and finds strength, guidance, and forgiveness through her faith in God.

This is a beautifully written novel that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys Christian historical fiction. Jenny has other novels out that I look forward to reading.

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