Book Review: Fade to White by Tara K. Ross



Fade to White is an exceptional young adult novel. Author, Tara K. Ross has a beautiful writing style that drew me in from the first page. I love her character’s humor and honesty in relating the difficult topic of living with a mental illness.

Aside from the typical teenage insecurities, Thea has severe anxiety issues, panic attacks, and pulls her hair out to release stress. Her anxious thoughts multiply after reading about the death and suicide of a classmate. Thea deals with irrational fears, anticipating the worst and causing unnecessary inner turmoil. She struggles to feel normal, but she also has a gift of empathy and compassion for anyone hurting.

Thea is a regular at her favorite coffee shop where she gets her usual, two London Fog teas. One for her, and one to give to someone who could use some cheering up that day. She is someone I would want as a friend.

Through the support and understanding of her friends, especially Khi who met at her at just the right time, Thea comes to accept who she is and see the light in her gift to help others. This story inspires hope—even if life isn’t perfect, there is always a way to get through tough times, especially when holding onto faith.

I highly recommend this book for teens and adults too.

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