Unwrapping Love


By Frances Judge

If love were wrapped in golden paper, tied with silken strings,

It couldn’t reach around the world

Or open up its wings.

Love isn’t placed on pedestals, positioned for display;

It needs the flexibility

Of a potter’s clay.

Love doesn’t need embellishment to prove its fortitude;

Its strength is in its meekness

And forgiving attitude.

Love risks its life and swims the depths to save a drowning friend,

But Christ risked all for enemies,

And who can comprehend?

So love was wrapped in swaddling clothes and destined once to die;

Christ would pay the sacrifice,

God’s love, exemplified.

He didn’t wear His royal robes though he was born a king;

He wore the love His Father gave

Of which the angels sing.

Love doesn’t wait for storms to stop to cross the swirling seas;

Jesus walked across the water,

Turned tempest into breeze.

Love washes feet, love heals the blind, love cries with those who mourn,

And has power to erase the past

Of those who are reborn.

So love unwrapped its burial clothes and prepared to reach the nations,

With angels calling all the earth,

“Join the celebration!”


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