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One of the Few by Jason B. Ladd
‘’A Marine fighter’s reconnaissance with the Christian Worldview”

One of the Few begins with the fascinating account of a Marine’s life. Jason Ladd takes us through his childhood as a Marine’s son to his adult years as a Marine fighter pilot in the war with Iraq. He describes the rigorous training he underwent in the Marine Corps to build the strength, endurance, and character needed to protect our freedom. He learned the discipline of accuracy and control needed to land a fighter plane on a carrier runway at night. Throughout his story, Ladd weaves the lessons he learned in searching for the truth. One of the Few gives fresh insight into the Christian life and overcoming the battles faced in this imperfect world.

This book can instruct new Christians and encourage steadfast believers to trust God with every aspect of life’s daily challenges. I was captivated by the fresh look at Bible truths and scripture that Ladd shares paralleling his experiences. His extensive research into other religions can enlighten those seeking answers to what matters most in this life. One of the Few is a book that stirs the heart, opens the mind, and enriches the soul with profound truths.

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