Book release: Randi's Steps

Here it is! I received the first copy of my book Randi’s Steps. After eight years of editing off and on, it’s published and for sale on Amazon. What a great feeling! To hold the book in my hands and see the words I’ve struggled with dancing on bound pages—it’s motivation to finish my second book.


(a poem after the novel)

At nine years old
I was either a dreamer
Or superstitious,
Or odd;
Following Randi’s steps,
I planted my feet
In my friend’s invisible footprints;
The shadow of her being.
Could I transport into her world?
Her golden tendrils become mine?
Her dimpled smile, mine?
Her perfect home, mine?

Minor misstep--
It couldn’t happen, but
Dreaming could.
As I climbed her steps
My hand grasped the iron railing
Where her fingers touched
Marching behind,
Up to her pink room
Dappled with dancing daisies and rose ribbons,
Everything my room was missing.

I watched her mother part Randi’s hair
Into a straight line
Then gather her waves into bouncy pigtails.
Randi twirled them around like propellers
And they laughed.
Was it strange to love my friend so much
To want to be her mirror image?
Would I follow her
Into her battle with cancer?
I couldn’t.

At twenty,
Still a dreamer,
Superstitious, and discontent;
Thrust into the rabbit hole of college life;
Expecting more
Expecting perfection…
Until He called me
To follow His steps,
Invisible footprints
Along the enduring path,
Set straight from His word;
I could transport into His world.

Jesus offered
Everything my life was missing.
More than the world,
A smile,
Radiant from within
Until I reach the mansion he’s prepared.
A perfect home,
Dappled with daisies and ribbons of gold,
Choirs of angels singing tunes of praise and peace.

Is it strange to love my Savior so much?
That I want to be like him?
Could I follow Him in His death?
I must.
His steps lead to life.

*This poem was first written for the Faithwriter's Weekly Contest, receiving 8th place Editor's Choice award






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