One Time

Our street after Hurricane Sandy
(a year ago, October 29 2012) 


Some listened, some ignored
Some left, some stayed
As the storm crept up the coastline

Her arrival

And when her time came,
She lashed out pent up rage,
Swirling and smashing, tearing and toppling
In a tantrum, daring to destroy 

Too late
To evacuate 

Ocean water invaded homes
Killing memories
Of other times, special times 

When her stamina waned
And she faded into a gentle breeze
Time changed for those she abused 

Thrust back to pioneer days—
Time measured by the setting sun;
Dusty lanterns found;
Unused jars of scented candles
Now lit
Cloaked the darkness with vanilla and jasmine;
Blankets replaced heaters,
Canned food replaced meals,
Tears replaced time

How long til time passes
And tick-tocks back to normal?
Days were cancelled
Scribbled events on calendars
Never happened
Time stops when towns are torn

But who owns time?
Who controls tomorrow?
He who made today
Who gives and takes away

Some see the ruin
Some see the light
Storms will happen
Stealing what we cannot hold
Stealing time,  

Matters . . .



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